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Sacred Journey ~ Mexico


Dear Friends, 

It is with great joy for us to be offering a medicine retreat with Papa Gilberto Mahua, one of Peru's most respected Shipibo Medicine Curenderos (healers). With over 50 years of training and experience in the field of plant medicine. His long lineage of forefathers have been the keepers of some of the most profound and ancient knowledge of this Plant Medicine tradition. He will be travelling from the Amazon jungle lands of Peru to Mexico. It is a rare opportunity to sit with him, more so to be with him outside of Peru.

Papa is a Palo Maestro, he has a vast knowledge of the Master Plants native to the Peruvian Amazon and is a expert in this field. With the proper application and guidance, these Palo Plants will provide profound healing, cleansing, in-depth insight and an expansion of awareness on all levels.

He will be assisted by Khyati Veronica Holman, teacher & practitioner of the authentic healing ways of the Shipibo Plant Medicine. She will be facilitating and leading classes in Iccaro, sacred medicine songs.

We will be hosting this retreat on the lovely Mexican Caribbean, in a most beautiful, tranquil space surrounded by nature, Isla Blanca, a unique private villa and beach front just 30 minutes north of Cancun. A lovely setting for dieta, comfortable spaces to relax, to be still and to immerse oneself. Enjoy long expansive views and the sounds of the sea from the lovely terraces of Villa Isla Blanca. Easy flights and transfers from the airport to this pristine location.


Dieta which consists of 5 ceremony evenings over a 9 day period where you will have a chance  to move deeper into your study, unfold a stronger understanding of the plants and the healing process called Dieta. This a a powerful medicine tradition, a very transformative experience, one that will stay with you always.There will be some discussion periods and classes in the tradition of Iccaro, the medicine songs sung during ceremony. You will have a choice to include an additional plant (Palo) if you choose. These master plants add to your Dieta. It will be a time of retreat, taking time for you, clearing, rejuvenation and cleansing. There will  be an option of extending your dieta period with 2 extra ceremonies (this is an additional fee.)There will be some food restrictions in the Dieta that need to be followed.

The cost is $1600 US, including your Dieta, accommodation, food and classes for registration before November 15th. $1750 US for registration after this date. $750 US deposit is required upon registration.

Note: We will be holding 2 ceremonial evenings after the dieta closes on January 26 and 27 for those who would like to join in, contact us for more details.

We will also be hosting
Dietas in Peru, Feb 2018 (options for longer programs)
 Kootenay Lake, BC Canada, July 2018

For more information please contact us, we will be forwarding the details for other upcoming 2018 Medicine Programs soon. 

Please forward this on to those you may feel would be interested and would benefit from this medicine program.

Sending much light and love, 
Khyati and Sasha (Dieta Mexico, Coordinator)
For more information contact us at:




"Maestro Gilberto Mahua is the living embodiment of the richness and extensive knowledge of the Shipibo plant medicine healing tradition. He is one of the elders in this tradition helping keep it alive and authentic at a time when the Shipibo culture faces many threats. His work is of enormous skill, profound depth and great integrity."

-- Dr Paul Roberts,
Intercultural Education Director, Alianza Arkana,

"It was such an extraordinary gift to be in the presence of a Plant Maestro  such as Papa Gilberto. My life has been graced and altered forever on such deep levels. The Retreat space is pristine, lush and is a most beautiful peaceful environment  for Dieta. I am so very grateful for my time there and  goodness of the medicine and will forever carry it with me. "

-- Olaf Voelker

Sacred Journey Retreats 2017

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