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Pamper and rejuvenate yourself 

with our time honoured holistic treatments

Hot Stone Treatment


This unique treatment combines spinal layout, stone placement, energy work, crystals, & warm essential oils. Basalt stones are used to massage the entire body which penetrates heat deep within the body, helps circulation, relaxes the nervous system, and releases tension, Stones come from Mother Earth to help us balance the emotional, mental, & physical energies as well as soothing sore muscles.

1 hr.      $100.00

1.5 hr.   $120.00

Thai Herbal Stem Massage


This is a traditional technique using a blend of detoxifying herbs wrapped in a heated compress that is massaged on your skin to release toxins, increase circulation, relax muscles and work out painful knots.

1.5 hr.   $120.00

Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage


This Ayurvedic body massage is deeply hydrating, working on the lymphatic system & follows the pathways of what Ayurveda considers the vital force (Ojas) in the body. The calming effectscan restore the balance that is so easily upset by poor diet & lifestyle habits associated with modern living. Highly beneficial in cases of exhaustion & fatigue.

1 hr.      $90.00

Indian Head Massage


The beauty of the treatment is that you don’t have to undress, it is safe, simple yet effective therapy re-nowned for relieving symptoms for stress. This is an ideal stress-busting treatment for anyone with aching shoulders, tight necks, tension headaches, eyestrain, insomnia and those suffering from a lack of concentration. Ideal for all family, including pregnant, the elderly and children.

50 min.      $60.00

Sacred Journey Facial


A customized treatment which includes cleansing, toning, exfoliating, masks, & moisturizing with facial Marma point using specialized crystals followed by head, neck, shoulder & foot massage. 

1.5 hr.      $90.00

Add collagen mask   $100.00

Thai Ayurvedic Facial


Cleansing, exfoliating & Ayurvedic massage with the use of warm herbal compress to leave skin glowing, followed by a mask & moisturizing 

1 hr.      $75.00

European Pedicure


Foot soak, nail care, callous removal, foot massage and polish of your choice.

1 1/4 hr.      $60.00

Nutritional Coaching


Investigating the core of health challenges through food diary, Nutri-Body Questionnaire, personal time line, looking into brain-gut connection. Can include guide grocery and pantry make overs, meal planning, nutritional supplementation according to individual needs. Relaxation, meditation and energy medicine exercises. 

Priced accordingly

Annely Arrak, CNPP

Received her esthetician diploma at Edith Screi School of Esthetics.

Graduated with honors from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, Toronto, ON

Hair Removal


Full Leg

Full Leg & Bikini



Lash & Brow Tinting


Lash Tint

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