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Sacred Journey ~ Peru


Dear Friends,

It is with great joy that we will be offering our Peruvian Medicine Retreat again coming up Feb 2020 with Papa Gilberto Mahua. He is one of Peru's most respected Shipibo Plant Medicine Maestros, with over 60 years of training and experience, he is an expert in the world of Amazonian Plant Medicine. His unique studies started at a very young age under the guidance of his forefathers.

He carries a powerful presence and energy, profound knowledge of the healing properties and potentials for expanded awareness that can unfold through the connection to the Plant Energies through an ancient tradition called Dieta. In the Amazon, these Plant energies are called Medicos -Doctors. Through the transmission of the Meastro and the Dieta, we connect to that realm and can gain deep insight and an incredibly transformational process can unfold.

Khyati -Chonon Hisbe will be assisting in the ceremony, facilitating Dieta, teaching classes in Iccaro and supporting you throughout.

A student and teacher of Shipibo Plant Medicine. Honoured to have been in-depth apprenticing under the guidance of Papa Hiberto & Papa Miky. Guiding, facilitating and hosting retreats internationally. Holding a Masters Degree in Meditation-Vedic Philosophy & Certificates in Ayurvedic Medicine.

Dieta is an offering of yourself for a minimum of 10 days to connect with healing Plant energies and  to give time to build a relationship and deeper understanding of that realm for unfolding our own highest potentials and self-healing.

About the Dieta

Our Dieta will begin on Feb 1st to Feb 10th in the Village of Paoyan, Papa Hiberto’s home on the beautiful Ucalyali River for the first 10 days of our month program. Paoyan is a 3 hour boat ride from Pucallpa down the Ucalyali River into the pristine jungle.

Feb 11th to Feb 29th we will be at the lovely Tuky Tuky Eco Lodge, located on the beautiful Coshibo Cocha. It is a half hour drive from the Pucallpa airport and then a 15 minute boat ride to the retreat.

Each 10 day period of the Dieta will consist of 5 ceremonial nights (with an accompanying Palo Plant which can be discussed on registration to best suit you).

Plants available for Dieta are Nourayou, Bobansana, Chiriksanango, Warya Caspi, Ayhuma.


For those interested to register in our 10-day programs

you can join in on these dates, Feb 1st - Feb 11th - Feb 21st 

(with the choice of continuing for 20 days or the full month of Feb) 


  • Feb 1-9th: Poayan 10 day Dieta $1000 USD ~ Deposit $500


  • Feb 11-28th: TukyTuky 10 day Dieta  $1600 USD ~ Deposit $1000


  • 20-day Dieta:  $3000 USD ~ Deposit $1500


Tuky Tuky Retreat includes ceremonies, classes, food, accommodation, single tambo (for larger double tambo’s there is an extra cost for single occupancy).

Paoyan Retreat accommodation is more rustic in authentic Shipibo Village includes ceremonies, classes, food and accommodation. 

  • A deposit is required upon registering to hold space.

  • Our Dietas are intimate settings, not large groups, so space is limited.

  • All meals are provided taking into consideration the dietary restrictions necessary for your Dieta's observances.

  •  Flower baths will be offered after some ceremonial nights, these baths are very soothing and rejuvenating using flowers, plants and herbs of the region. 

  • You will also have the opportunity to learn about the making of tonics for health, wellness and energy.

  • Throughout the Dieta, there will be classes offered in Iccaro which are the medicine songs sung in ceremony.

  • Some meditation and yoga classes for those who would like to stretch their bodies.

  • A guided nature walk where you will learn about the native plants and medicines of the area and jungle wildlife.

One of the highlighted days during Dieta will be when the women from all around the local area come bringing their Artesanía, displaying it for us on the grounds of the Ecolodge. This is always an amazingly colourful and inspirational time where we can all experience some of the culture and beauty of the Shipibo people through their Art.

Guided boat adventure tour will be offered (this is separate from the Dieta program costs) we will be journeying along the banks of the powerful Ucayali river, where you can experience the ancient flow of life as lived by the Amazonian River People and hopefully have some sighting of the famous pink dolphins that live in the river.

For those that would like to venture into the local markets, shops and galleries transport can be arranged for you. Traditional massage is available by request.


For registration & information please email


Please forward this on to those you may feel would be interested and would benefit from this medicine program.


With gratitude, 



Tuky Tuky Nature Pure Ecolodge




"Maestro Gilberto Mahua is the living embodiment of the richness and extensive knowledge of the Shipibo plant medicine healing tradition. He is one of the elders in this tradition helping keep it alive and authentic at a time when the Shipibo culture faces many threats. His work is of enormous skill, profound depth and great integrity."

-- Dr Paul Roberts,
Intercultural Education Director, Alianza Arkana,

"It was such an extraordinary gift to be in the presence of a Plant Maestro  such as Papa Gilberto. My life has been graced and altered forever on such deep levels. The Retreat space is pristine, lush and is a most beautiful peaceful environment  for Dieta. I am so very grateful for my time there and  goodness of the medicine and will forever carry it with me. "

-- Olaf Voelker

Sacred Journey Retreats 2017-2020

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