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Sacred Journey ~ GUATEMALA


Dear Friends,

It is with the greatest joy that we will be offering our Lake Atitlan, Guatemalan Medicine Retreat coming up Jan 21, 2019 with Papa Gilberto Mahua, one of Peru's most respected Shipibo Plant Medicine Maestros. With over 50 years of experience, born in a lineage of extraordinary healers, his unique studies started at a very young age under the guidance of his forefathers. He carries with him an exceptional understanding of Amazonian Plant Medicine. 

Papa Gilberto, known for his expertise as a Palo Maestro works with many of the Master Medicinal Plants native to the Peruvian Amazon. With the proper application and guidance these Plants will provide profound cleansing, healing, an in-depth study and insight into expanding awareness on all levels. His work offers a most authentic experience of this ancient healing art. 

He will be leading us through DIETA, which is a traditional way to work with the Plant Medicines to bring about lasting positive change and wellness. The Amazonian Plant World has much to offer with the presence of an experienced Curandero. Hope you can join us for this opportunity of discovery. 

Facilitating with Papa in this work will be Khyati Veronica Holman, a senior apprentice. Khyati will be assisting in ceremony, teaching, singing Iccaro and leading discussions for the integration of this process  throughout the Dieta. 

Deeply immersed as a student and teacher of the Shipibo Medicine Traditions from the Peruvian Amazon. She has been apprenticing, facilitating and leading ceremony under the guidance of Papa Gilberto Mahua & Papa Miky. Working internationally creating & offering retreats for wellness with the integral work of the Mahua medicine lineage & the important preservation of this vast Plant Medicine knowledge.


Holding a Masters Degree in Meditation, Certificates in Ayurvedic Medicine, was co-designer of accredited Continuing Education Courses in Ayurveda Medicine through the College of Massage Therapists of BC. With years of in-depth study & internationally teaching Meditation & Vedic Philosophy, she was graced with the opportunity to have lived & studied in the Himalayas for over 2 decades.


"My joy is the joining of these two branches of healing work together, the ancient Medicines of the Amazon and India. Sister sciences, plant based medicines that deal with healing on much deeper levels. Including the practice of meditation, gives us great possibility to support and expand medicine as we know it in the western world today.  These Healing Arts are vehicles that can bring about profound and deep transformation. A self healing and a greater sense of well being and peace within ourselves also in the universe around us. I welcome you to join us for this Plant Dieta".

DIETA is the offering of yourself to the journey, study and process of plant medicine for a minimum of 9 -10 days. To give time to the plants to do their work and for you to create a deeper relationship with these healing energies under the guidance of a experienced Maestro. A journey to greater health and well being.

​​​​​​​About the Dieta

Our January retreat will be hosted at the beautiful Villa Granda , Lake Atitlan ,San Antonio Palopo, Solola, Guatemala .


This is a piece of heaven on earth. Private, secure and secluded yet close to amenities. Villa Granda is spacious with charm and comfort. Sits majestically up high on the hill side with breathtaking 360 views of one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Situated perfectly with ever changing sunrises and sunsets whilst looking out from the rooms and terraces of this grand villa. It is directly across from the three volcanoes. Located about 4 hours drive from the airport. Beautiful home cooked meals will be provided as per your Plant Dieta needs.

panoramic view.jpg

The 9 day Dieta will consist of 5 ceremonial nights with a choice of an accompanying Palo Plant which can be discussed on registration to best suit you. Our 14 day program will be the same and will have an additional 3 ceremonies. There is a possibility also for registering for a longer Dieta program returning with us to Peru to continue.

Costs for our 9 day Dieta programs are $1750USD including food, accommodation & as per the program description 5 ceremonies and classes. A $1000 USD deposit is required upon registering to hold space. The 14 day program cost $2400USD. With a $1500 USD deposit with registration, this program consist of 8 ceremonies for those ready to extend their dieta time. Our Dietas are intimate settings, so space is limited. We recommend early registration.


All meals are provided taking into consideration the dietary restrictions necessary for your Dieta's best results.


There will be flower baths in the afternoons after some ceremonial nights, these baths are very soothing and rejuvenating using the flowers, plants and herbs of the region. You will also have the opportunity to learn about the making of tonics and personal perfumes for health, wellness and energy.


Throughout the Dieta, there will be classes offered in Iccaro, which are the medicine songs sung in ceremony. Meditation and Gentle Yoga for those who would like to join.

​​​​​​​A guided boat tour will be offered (this is separate from the Dieta program costs) we will be journeying along the lake to visit some of the key spots, local villages with their unique crafts and textiles. Mayan Fire Ceremony and Temazcal will also be offered.


For those that would like to venture into the local markets, shops and galleries on your own, boat and taxi transport can be arranged for you.

For registration & information please email

Please forward this on to those you may feel would be interested and would benefit from this medicine program.

With gratitude,


Villa Grande ~ San Antonio Palopo




"Maestro Gilberto Mahua is the living embodiment of the richness and extensive knowledge of the Shipibo plant medicine healing tradition. He is one of the elders in this tradition helping keep it alive and authentic at a time when the Shipibo culture faces many threats. His work is of enormous skill, profound depth and great integrity."

-- Dr Paul Roberts,
Intercultural Education Director, Alianza Arkana,

"It was such an extraordinary gift to be in the presence of a Plant Maestro  such as Papa Gilberto. My life has been graced and altered forever on such deep levels. The Retreat space is pristine, lush and is a most beautiful peaceful environment  for Dieta. I am so very grateful for my time there and  goodness of the medicine and will forever carry it with me. "

-- Olaf Voelker

Sacred Journey Retreats 2018

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